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Author Topic: Botox Needle, No Action by Employer, Pneumonia  (Read 9840 times)


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Botox Needle, No Action by Employer, Pneumonia
« on: September 26, 2008, 12:42:03 PM »

I need someone to calm my fears. I do not have a medical license of any kind, but assist in the injection of Botox & Juvederm on a daily basis.

July 17, 2008 I was disposing a syringe in the Sharps container, and was stuck by a needle in the (too full) sharps container. My employer advised that since none of our clients are \'sick\', I don\'t need to worry or do anything about it. I don\'t think we had done any injections that day.

It is now September 25, 2008, and I am fighting Pneumonia. I am 30 years old and besides the above events I have been healthy. I am concerned that I was infected through the needle stick, and have HIV or something else that weakened my immune system, thereby allowing the pneumonia to occur.

I have been doing a little research, and have found that HIV doesn\'t live long outside the body, (ie: on one of our needles in the sharps conatiner) and there is the reality that most of our clients are middle to upperclass women who would probably be responsible enough to disclose any disease they might have on their Patient History.

So any ideas? If I tell the owners (doctors who run an Urgent Care and are taking care of the Pneumonia) of the business, my boss will get in trouble, and possibly myself too. I am a single Mom and this job is otherwise good to me.

Should I put all that aside and tell them so they can perform the neccessary blood tests?

Any input is appreciated.

Amy :confused: :(